University of St.andrews Support Staff Pension Fund    

The fund came into existence on 1st August, 1964

Trustees Ken Dalton, Convener (2016); Derek Watson (Court);

Mairi Stewart (Court); Trevor Francis (2020)* 

Reg Gavine Retied member (2022)* 

* Member nominated trustees and their date for re-election.

Past Staff Trustees

Bill Blyth Retired member Jan 2008- Dec 2016

Moira McHugh (2016)

Bill Blyth {Technical Constituency} (1972-2007)

Bill Wilson {Manual Constituency} (2001`-2005 !)

Gordon Dickson {Manual Constituency} (2005-06)

Ian McLaren {Retired Constituency} (2002-05)

Iain McDevitt {Manual Constituency} (2006-13)

Prof Ron Piper (Court) retired 2013

Iain McDevitt (Resigned Feb13)

Past Convenor's

Gordon Curruthers; Alastair McIntyre; Peter Cabrelli & Norval Bryson

Secretary to the Trustees Lisa Harley from (2005 to date) 

Past Secretary Sharon McRobbie (resigned from 24/08/05)