University of Dundee

Secretary : Gary Hannan Tel 01382 345224 Email

Chair : Don CathcartTel 01382 381960 Email

Current News:

The phase 2 restructure in estates continues with middle management.

Phase three will include trades, security and cleaners.

It is likely we will have members effected but so far no complaints.

Life Sciences have initiated a consultation regarding change of shift patterns.


We have two ongoing supported return to work.

One ongoing Zero Hour Contract issue seeking to develop a PDP


UNITE have requested formal recognition of time off to attend to UOD responsibilities.

This came about because when the local agreements were compared the following agreement:


Service to DAUT or its parent bodies shall be taken into account as a contribution to administrative or other activities for the University in consideration of promotion or other advancement.


Not present in UNITE or Unisons procedural agreement came to light.


UNITE has therefore requested a formal review of local agreements with a view towards complete harmonisation.

Short term Unite submitted a paper regarding time off for University/Trade Union activities.

It has long been a sore point that we need to go cap in hand to line management to be allowed to deal with something assumed automatically for HR/Management and AUT.

A paper has therefore been submitted for consideration (Paper A)


The ongoing dispute regarding representation and governance continues.

The personal view of UNITE Executive is that we should seek representation directly to Scottish Government as shareholders in education and therefore the contribution made to the Scottish Economy.


UNITE secretary to submit a paper for consideration to the next RISC meeting.