University of Abertay

Chair - Colin Rae

University and HE issues


The new Development Review scheme due to be launched in May 2018 has been delayed.

The trade union deduction of union subscriptions from wages in the public sector regulations 2017 came into effect on 10 March 2018. Having a small membership on check-off Abertay will

not be making any charges.

Pay negotiations for 2018-19 has commenced. The Unions have requested 7.5%. UCEA have offered 1.7%

Joint Liaison Group (JLG)

This is the main forum for raising issues with Management.

Items to highlight:

•Grade 6 academic role

•Operational Plans

•Harmonisation - discussions are continuing regarding the harmonisation of hours and holidays between support and academic staff.

•Redundancy Avoidance policy


Equality & Diversity

Items to highlight:

•The new Equality and Diversity Lead Voices scheme has been launched, one for each of the protected characteristics.


Health & Safety Committee (M Guild)

Items to highlight: none

UNITE RISC for HE/FE (Scotland)

The last meeting was 14 Feb 2018. The RISC conference is on 23 May 2018.







Bob Peter; Jennifer Grimes; Maureen Guild & Adrian Neville


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